From yard sale hobbyist to fledgling small business owner

Fifteen years ago, I went to my first yard sale with my sister-in-law. She was a seasoned veteran with an impeccable knack for finding incredible bargains, and I wanted in on the game. Saturday mornings became my escape. I left my husband and four kids at home and hit the yard sale circuit in earnest. I shopped for my home, my family, my classroom, and my friends. I was content in my role as yard sale hobbyist for many years, and then something amazing happened. I ended up working in my cousin's thrift store on Saturdays. One thing lead to another, and before I knew it, I was a listing manager for Vintage Character, her Etsy shop, and we were making the rounds on the local vintage market circuit. Fortunately for me, Sue is an accomplished business woman and a virtual fountain of vintage knowledge. I spent several years under her expert tutelage, learning the tricks of the trade. In February of 2017, I got the opportunity to join a vintage resale co-op near the lake where we vacation. I decided it was time to venture out on my own and give small business ownership a shot. The co-op endeavor is working out very well. My biggest challenge is space. I find so many awesome treasures that I don't have enough room to display my entire inventory. Opening this Etsy shop allows me to be able to bring even more of my vintage riches to a much wider audience. Its been a most enjoyable journey going from a yard sale hobbyist checking items off the wish lists of my family and friends to an independent small business owner offering my vintage wares to a global customer base, and I look forward to building an extensive and amazing shop inventory for your shopping pleasure.